Case Studies

Healthcare Case Study

Mobilengine’s client Worcestershire NHS Trust saw the time it took to complete an ITU Ward round cut in half with use of our app. Download the Healthcare Case Study.

Construction Case Study

Construction firm McGee is a global leader in enterprise app use. Read about their award winning app which helps track equipment and supplies using RFIC or NFC technology. Download the Construction Case Study.

Financial Case Study

Learn how Uniqa, Citibank and OTP-Faktoring have successfully used the Mobilengine app to decrease time spent on administration tasks. Download the Financial Case Study.

CPG/FMCG Case Study

See how the Mobilengine helps digitize paper-based workflows for the CPG/FMCG industry. Read the Case Study.

Logistics Case Study

Learn how the Mobilengine app for truck drivers helped Waberer’s to be 70% less error prone. Download the Logistics Case Study.

Merchandising Case Study

Learn how several of the world’s leading CPG companies saved valuable time by switching from paper-based administration to the Mobilengine app. Download the Merchandising Case Study.

Middleware Case Study

Procon-X, a project management firm for the construction industry, is a reseller of Mobilengine. Read the case study.

Security Case Study

Learn how the world’s leading international security solutions group uses the Mobilengine app to improve ATM checks. Download the Security Case Study.

Case Study Videos

Mobilengine’s facility management – VanMarcke use case

See how they improved their workflows with Mobilengine. Watch the video.

How to resell Mobilengine featuring CEO Adam Dalnoki

Mobilengine’s mission is to transform software development business into a service oriented business. Watch the video.

Mobilengine’s Mission Featuring CEO Adam Dalnoki

The customization process is the heart of Mobilengine. All customers have their own individual fully customized solution. Watch the video.

Mobilengine’s facility management case study – LEXCOM

“The Mobilengine solution offered the greatest value for the money.” Watch the Lexcom video.

Finance Case Study Video

See how Mobilengine helped financial firm OTP to better control their workflows and processes. Watch the video.

Mobilengine FMCG solution

Illustrative cartoon on how Mobilengine works for FMCG/CPG.

Logistics case study – Waberer’s International

Learn how the Mobilengine app for truck drivers helped Waberer’s to be 70% less error prone. Watch the video.

Mobilengine’s Henkel Case Study

Learn how one of the world’s leading CPG companies improved service quality and optimized their tourplans with the Mobilengine app. Watch the video.

Redbox Mobile Workflow case study – interview with James Sharpe

Redbox’s James Sharpe explains why he was drawn to Mobilengine’s solution. Watch the video.

Redbox Mobile Workflow case study – interview with Herm van Gorp

“We can focus on our side of the business, while Mobilengine delivers the building blocks and backoffice solution.” Watch the video.

Reselling – T-Systems Case Study

“It’s important to us to find a solution that can be customized to our clients’ needs easily and quickly, and Mobilengine provided such a solution.” Watch the video.

Telenor Case Study

“There is no other more efficient and faster way to get prompt information about our field workers’ performance and our business network than our Mobilengine solution.” Watch the video.

White Papers

Mobilengine White Paper

This White Paper will provide you with the architectural and technical details of Mobilengine Platform as a Service (PaaS). System architecture, system requirements, availability and security are described in detail.

Integration White Paper

In this document the automated process of exchanging data between Mobilengine Backoffice and a 3rd Party Backoffice, or the Integration, is described in detail.


Tip of the iceberg

Other solutions only offer you the tip of the iceberg. See how Mobilengine is different. Download the infographic.

Solution Demo Videos

Logistics Demo Video

The driver’s dashboard is a delivery task assignment and reporting tool. Driver receives assignments from a back-office system and completes them. Allocated assignments appear on the driver’s dashboard in the list, highlighted with a red background color.

Construction Demo Video

Site Managers allocate labor, plant assets and transports to individual jobs/activities on the construction site, as well as coordinate the inbound materials and record the weather conditions.

Platform Demo Videos


Mobilengine Backoffice offers a fully functional admin console for enterprise admin users. It serves for the administration of the front-end elements of the platform that includes: mobile app, webforms, reporting, and the backoffice.


Mobilengine Webforms are desktop UIs enabling backoffice users to interact in the enterprise workflow. The Webforms are customizable according to customer needs, to fit any mobile workflow in any industries.

CSCS reading

All data captured from any CSCS, RFID or NFC card can be used as input in your mobile workflow. As a result, there is much less manual data recording. This function provides a much faster and easier workflow process.

Bar code reading (Motorola)

Mobilengine works with any scanner device: both external hardware and hardware-integrated solutions. Mobilengine app-to-app plugin connects the Mobilengine form to the built-in barcode reader.

Google integration

Mobilengine has front-end app-to-app integration to Google apps, such as: Maps, Calendar, Contacts, Drive and Spreadsheet services. This allows Mobilengine users to access these Google services without interrupting their Mobilengine workflow processes / leaving the Mobilengine app.

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