“We’ve accelerated the billing processes and we have a much more accurate picture of what is happening to our vehicles on the roads.”
Gabor Hegedus, Purchasing and Operations Director, Waberer’s International
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Faster Invoicing

Communication between HQ and logistics team members is faster and more efficient with Mobilengine’s fleet management system. Shipments arrive sooner, saving fuel costs and making customers happier with logistics management software such as: real-time GPS route optimization, a turn-by-turn navigation app, a tour planning app, a freight task management app, a vehicle inspection app, a damage report app, proof of delivery (POD app) and delivery notification (CMR photo app). Watch this video to see how our transportation management software works.

Reduce Delivery Errors

With the Mobilengine truck tracking software the central office will know exactly where their trucks are at all times. The screenshot here gives an example of a food delivery use case. When the correct barcode is scanned, the row turns green. If the wrong package is unloaded, the bar turns red and gives a warning sound or vibration to the driver. The Mobilengine truck management software helps give truck drivers and other team members the tools they need to be more efficient, faster and up to 70% less error prone.

Real-Time Updates

Mobilengine’s fleet tracking management can integrate with any system you have in place, including ERP systems. This screenshot gives an example of a food delivery use case. The driver, backoffice and management team have a window into the real-time completion of deliveries. Download this Case Study to see how Mobilengine’s software for trucking companies helped Waberer’s International become more efficient.

Download the Logistics Case Study

Daily Vehicle Inspection

Using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, truck drivers can inspect their vehicle using an Android smartphone or tablet. By physically carrying out a 360° vehicle walk around and by scanning their device against their vehicle’s NFC tags, the technology automatically records the vehicle registration and location, whilst any vehicle defects can be noted down by the driver.

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