“G4S has both cut administration costs and enhanced data security with Mobilengine.”
Krisztian Toth, IT Director, G4S
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Eliminate Errors

The Mobilengine security guard apps, with features such as: a security service app, security tour planning, security task management, an ATM maintenance app, an ATM visit app, a cash logistics app and an alarm code access app, help reduce errors by as much as 70%. Apps for security guards will give each guard as well as administration and management a comprehensive view of each security worker’s daily tasks Reducing tracking administration and helping workers adhere to their workflow, giving a precise and reliable control over their activities.

Enhance Data Security

The Mobilengine security guard mobile app shown here contains a list of currency that should be contained in a certain ATM machine. A unique code is securely given via the app for the security worker to access the cash in each machine. The worker verifies the amount of money taken out of each cartridge in the machine by scanning the seal codes, making sure it matches the data recorded by the machine.

Real-Time Communication

The Mobilengine security guard mobile app screenshot shown here contains an ATM machine that needed repair – cash could not be withdrawn. Using the app, the worker visits the machine, troubleshoots the issue and reports it as repaired. When any action is taken by the worker, the Mobilengine app immediately sends a data package to the customer’s internal system via integration interfaces. Read how G4S, the world’s leading international security company uses the Mobilengine workflow app to improve ATM checks.

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