Retail and Field Sales

“Every partner visit is more effective than it was before.”
Agnes Fabian, CEO Henkel
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Improve Service Quality

Mobilengine’s sales force management software helps B2C companies improve the service quality to their customers, reducing errors by as much as 90%. Our mobile app for field sales gives each salesperson as well as administration and management a comprehensive view of each field sales person’s daily tasks. Key features of the retail app include: a merchandising app, a store check app, customer visit reporting, a lead management app, an order management app, an invoice preparation app, a mileage recording app, a timesheet app and a worksheet app.

Field Sales Automation

The Mobilengine field sales app helps companies group their visits according to quantity and quality factors so every visit is more effective than it was before. Know exactly where and when to go back to the client so you can serve them better by reacting to the market and the client’s needs immediately. This screenshot shows a use case with an order form. A user can add customer data and details of the order in a dynamic table.

Optimize Tourplans

Mobilengine’s sales force automation software can integrate with your current systems including Salesforce, helping your sales team optimize their tourplans. This screenshot shows a use case with a dynamic table that includes details of the current visit. The Mobilengine retail app has helped CPG and FMCG companies increase their visits by up to 30%. Read this case study to learn how a major CPG company uses the Mobilengine app.

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