Mobile Workflow as a Service, MWaaS.

Workflow as
a Service, MWaaS.


Mobilengine App is a universal workflow app that provides a run time environment for all of your customized apps built in the Mobilengine SDK.


Mobilengine Webforms provide workflow UI’s for the desktop enabling backoffice users to interact in the enterprise workflow, or mobile users to alternate usage of mobile and desktop.
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Mobilengine Reporting provides customized reports to customers containing any incoming or input data, pictures, map and signatures.


Mobilengine Backoffice offers a full functional admin console for the enterprise admin users to access incoming data, map view, user management and solution provisioning.
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Mobilengine Workflow is the orchestration engine that handles data consistency and conflict management. Workflows are executed offline on mobile apps and simultaneously on the backend as well.


Mobilengine Sync offers a wide range of synchronization procedures dependent on your workflow requirements, including push and pull and time or workflow triggered synchronization procedures.


Mobilengine Security provides enterprise grade security all accross the Mobilengine platform. Data is encrypted on the mobile device and during transfer as well. Data can be wiped remotely or by workflow or location based policies.


Mobilengine Middleware may be cloud or on-premise. It connects all Mobilengine Frontend applications and all Mobilengine developer backend applications.


Mobilengine Launcher provides operators enterprise grade launch management. New versions can selectively be launched to each user with various update policies.



Developer Studio

Mobileninge SDK works with a specialized form and BI language that provides rapid development tool for mobile and desktop apps.


dev console
Mobilengine Dev Console is your home for all publishing, testing and operations of your apps. It provides full development cycle management.


Mobilengine Analytics enables operators to monitor solution performance, user behavior, service levels, crash reports, and helps troubleshoting. Standard infrastructure monitoring tools, such as Nagios, can be integrated.


super admin
Mobilengine Super admin console provides MDM features to manage all users and devices. Directory services (AD/LDAP) can be integrated.



Mobilengine API offers enterprise grade APIs that can integrate to other backend systems such as SAP, MS, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Google for data synchronization, workflow level integration or user management.


Mobilengine Plugin integrates Mobilengine App to third party mobile apps, and it also enables integration to mobile device peripheries via bluetooth or wifi, such as printers, card readers, barcode reader or NFC reader.


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