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Increase Productivity

Our mobile apps for construction project management will give each worker as well as administration and management a comprehensive view of each worker’s daily tasks. Errors and drains on productivity can be substantially decreased, while safety is increased. Our construction management software includes features such as our: permit app, resource allocation app, safety inspection app, vehicle inspection app, site stock management app, site induction app and equipment inspection app. Watch this video to see how our construction erp software works.

Reduce Field Administration

The Mobilengine construction mobile app is simple to use and easy to adopt with your construction team. Color coding guides your team through their construction team workflows. Our construction tracking software eliminates paper-based workflows and will enhance your process efficiency. If your manager uses our digital form instead of paper, there’s no need to give the paper to a site admin who will copy the data into an excel file, scan the whole document, and then upload it to the right folder.

Avoid Delays

If delays are happening on a project due to say weather, traffic or equipment failure, this can be effectively documented with our construction management system that use images, GPS and other real-time notifications. In this screenshot you can see how Mobilengine’s construction erp software allows on-site workers to document the weather so any delays can be explained and immediately communicated to headquarters.

Award Winning App

Our client McGee’s employees monitor the condition of their equipment and supplies with their mobile app by placing RFID or NFC stickers on all equipment and vehicles at select checkpoints. Their workers touch each sticker with their mobile device, giving proof that they were physically next to and in good view of all equipment they vouch for in their daily routine. If there’s a defect, the user can take a photo to capture the defect and the manager is notified.

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