Mobile Vehicle Inspection Using NFC Tags

"It is remarkable how NFC technology is helping to transform the way we carry out daily vehicle inspections."
John Kelly, Group Transport Manager, McGee Ltd.

Revolutionizing Vehicle Inspections

Construction company employees can monitor the condition of equipment and supplies with their mobile app by placing NFC (Near Field Communication) stickers on all equipment and vehicles at select checkpoints. Workers touch each sticker with their mobile device, giving proof that they were physically next to and in good view of all equipment they vouch for in their daily routine. The app automatically generates a PDF report showing proof that the inspection was done correctly. Watch this video to see an example of how our Vehicle Inspection App works.Download the McGee Case Study

Award Winning App

One of the most cost-effective benefits of the Mobilengine mobile vehicle inspection app is the efficient way it monitors daily equipment use. Additionally, NFC inspections ensure that safety regulations are maintained and helps avoid wrongdoing complaints should lawsuits arise. Mobilengine along with their client McGee was presented with the Construction Health and Safety Group’s (CHSG) Commended Award for their innovative mobile applications that automate and digitize site safety inspections and daily vehicle inspections.
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