3 reasons why you need a rapid mobile app dev platform [Video]

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Fifty-six percent of mobile leaders said that it takes between 7 months and a year to build one mobile enterprise app.

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Common mobile enterprise app development techniques cannot keep up with the pace of business. Once a company identifies a problem that can be solved with a mobile app, employees can wait up to a year to be given a solution. But not with Mobilengine since it offers rapid development capabilities.

Here are three reasons why you need a rapid mobile app development platform.

One: Rapid mobile development platforms such as Mobilengine provide a simple SDK to design forms and workflows according to your business process. Once ready, you can launch them on your universal workflow app. This process requires 10 percent of the amount of the code when compared to native development solutions

Two: On the backend, the Mobilengine PaaS solution provides a fully functional management console, complete with monitoring tools and integration middleware. You don’t really have to code anything, instead only parametrize the backend to your organization and users. Instead of wasting time developing infrastructure, focus on your business.

Three: With a rapid mobile development platform like Mobilengine, once you are ready, you can immediately run your new mobile solution in the cloud, allowing you to scale your development.

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Adam Dalnoki, Mobilengine’s CEO, brings IT and telecommunications expertise as an ex BCG consultant. He made a previous exit in a mobile payment start up and has held sales executive positions at Provimi and Kraft Foods.

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