Mobile app-based fleet tracking systems cuts construction costs [Video]

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Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of GPS-enabled mobile devices and modern networking capabilities, tracking fleets in the construction industry has never been more cost-effective.

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Fleet tracking solutions continue to evolve, and now with mobile devices in every employee’s hands, construction firms are integrating mobile apps with these systems and seeing savings appear everywhere.

From safety and vehicle inspection apps to site stock management and resource allocation apps, construction workers and managers can prevent transportation breakdowns, provide project status updates and supervise equipment. And once construction teams hit the road, navigation apps and site induction apps ensure that employees get to sites on time and already informed.

This directly results in cost cutting. Businesses that use fleet tracking systems can reduce labor and fuel costs by up to 20 percent, according to Construction Executive. This means that the ROI on mobile app projects is achievable in just under a month.

With Mobilengine’s solutions, construction firms can start on the road to mobility and begin reducing fleet tracking costs.

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Adam Dalnoki, Mobilengine’s CEO, brings IT and telecommunications expertise as an ex BCG consultant. He made a previous exit in a mobile payment start up and has held sales executive positions at Provimi and Kraft Foods.

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