Readmission reductions with mobile health care apps [Video]

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Readmission rates continue to cause problems for health care providers, and it seems like the issue is related to admission and discharge practices.

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Health care providers have a duty to keep patients safe, and current readmission statistics indicate that these organizations can do so by deploying mobile apps for admission and discharge. Simply put, mobile workflow solutions solve some of the most common problems leading to readmission.

According to Healthcare IT News, 37 percent of patients are discharged unaware of why they need prescribed medications. Mobile patient discharge apps can ensure that everyone goes home informed, as nurses use these solutions to complete task lists and double check information.

Additionally, the news source reported that 50 percent of patients who go to health care facilities without an appointment will be readmitted. The problem is that providers don’t have enough information, as collecting it on the fly is a challenge. Readmission rates can drop if health care providers use mobile patient admission apps from the get-go.

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