The need for native mobile apps: Solving the cost crisis [Video]

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According to the latest Field Service News Podcast, around two-thirds of businesses demand native mobile apps.

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It’s no surprise that businesses would rather use native mobile apps than Web-based alternatives. Native solutions are more responsive, provide an all-around better user experience and support a variety of cutting-edge technologies. However, popular tech resources such as TechTarget and Software Development Times reported that it’s expensive to find people with native mobile app development skills, and creating dozens of native apps costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Businesses need to support and develop native solutions without financially devastating consequences.

So, why not combine the cost-effectiveness of as-a-service solutions with native mobile app development? The solution that can accomplish this is Mobilengine, a mobile app development platform with backend as a service capabilities that reduce the cost of supporting and managing native mobile workflow apps on iOS and Android.

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Adam Dalnoki, Mobilengine’s CEO, brings IT and telecommunications expertise as an ex BCG consultant. He made a previous exit in a mobile payment start up and has held sales executive positions at Provimi and Kraft Foods.

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