Workflow Script Reference Guide Available

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We reached another milestone for the Mobilengine Developer Documentation yesterday: the comprehensive reference guide to the Mobilengine Workflow Scripting Language is online.

In a nutshell, the scripting language lets you process incoming data to the Cloud to let you create, insert, update, or delete reference data items based on user-submitted data or data coming from external integrated systems. Script-based data processing isn’t just a one-way exchange either – create and send messages to integrated external systems, or remotely open forms with custom data on specific users’ mobiles at will! What’s more, scripts can work both server- and client-side to overcome network interruptions.

The Tutorials gave a quick overview of the most-often used workflow scripting operations, but this guide is the final word (so far) in workflow scripting reference. The guide is bristling with working sample code that SDK developers can try and/or tweak to use in their own projects, and we strived hard to make the details transparent.

That said, the documentation now comes with a very handy way to comment or ask questions about anything on the page: simply select a part of the text you’ve got something to say about, click the dialog that pops up, and type away. Looking forward to hearing from you, and watch this space for future updates.

Balázs Bujna has been documenting machinery for technicians and contact center infrastructure for IT engineers before joining Mobilengine as technical writer.

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