Chained forms and dashboards

If this is your first Mobilengine tutorial, you don't know what you've been missing. Here's the shortcut, though: download all the code in the previous section to hit the ground running with this one.

In the tutorials in this section, you'll be honing the delivery task workflow that you've set up for Rocky Jupiter users during your first foray into workflow scripting. Now, you'll make the workflow fool-proof by displaying only the start-form to the driver, and chaining the forms together so that submitting one of them automatically opens the next one in the sequence.

Finally, you'll make the form that starts off the workflow into a sort of 'Home screen' for the mobile client - one that always stays open, automatically updates when the driver's task list changes, and even notifies the driver of any relevant update.

It's going to be the bacon of workflow solutions.

Here's a link to all the solution artifacts that you'll create in this section, neatly packaged for your convenience.

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