Integration message schema

Before your Mobilengine workflow solution can start exchanging data between the Mobilengine Cloud and client business databases, you need to specify the structure of the data packages that the solution will need to send and receive.

Automated data exchange is called integration, and the data packages transmitted are integration messages in the Mobilengine terminology. Each integration message needs to have a custom schema to which it must conform, and you can declare integration message schemas using the dacsem integration message schema language.

dacsem files specify the structure of the XML messages that are exchanged, as well as provide a mapping from XML nodes to the workflow script representation of the nodes in the <field-name> : <xml-declaration> general syntax. This is important because it is workflow scripts that create, process, and send integration messages in Mobilengine integration.

The Mobilengine Cloud uses integration message schemas to validate integration messages, and for conversion between their XML and workflow script representations.