Developer Documentation Index

The Mobilengine Platform: Why choose Mobilengine? A high-level technical overview of the Mobilengine platform and SDK.

Tutorials: A hands-on walkthrough of developing workflow solutions using the Mobilengine SDK taking you from nothing to awesome. Get up to speed, get your hands dirty and your feet wet.

Webforms Reference Guide: A detailed overview and comprehensive reference guide to the webforms language. Webforms are the declarative domain-specific language to create a user interface for your workflow solution.

Workflow Script Reference Guide: Your no-gaps reference to the Mobilengine workflow script language. Use workflow scripts to build up an event-based workflow, to process incoming data, and to relay outgoing data on the server.

Reference Table Schema Guide: Everything there is to know about the domain-specific reference table schema language. Reference table schema define the structure of the relative database for your solution-related reference data.

Synchronization Events Reference Guide: A comprehensive reference material to synchronization events tables in the Mobilengine Cloud. Use events tables to keep track of when database changes reach specific users.

Mobilengine Build Tool Reference Guide: All the ins and outs of publishing solutions to and pulling solution-related data off of the Mobilengine backend from the command line.

Integration Reference Guide: Comprehensive reference to designing integration messages, configuring endpoints, and the integration message exchange protocol. Integration lets you transfer data between the Mobilengine backend and external systems.