Controls overview

The addbutton control

A button control that lets the user add one or more pre-populated new rows to a specific table in the form.

The cell control

Only valid as the child of a row control, it specifies the contents of a single cell of a table row.

The chapter control

Groups child controls under a header in the form.

The checkbox control

Lets the user make and toggle between an either/or choice.

The content trait

The list of the child controls of container controls such as popup, chapter, form, row, and cell.

The datepicker control

Lets the user enter a date.

The declarations trait

A container that allows the declaration of the variables defined by its one or more let element children.

The dropdown control

Lets the user select a value from a list of predefined, mutually exclusive options.

The form element

The root element of a form in the Mobilengine form language.

The id field

Associates an identifier with a control so that the control's properties can be referenced in data-binding queries, reports, and workflow scripts.

The if element

The if element toggles the visibility of a group of controls dynamically, based on a predefined condition.

The label property

The string that is displayed as the label of its control.

The let element

Declares and defines a variable to store a value that you can reference throughout the solution.

The linkview control

Creates a clickable hyperlink to an external web resource that opens in a new browser tab.

The mailto control

Renders a link that opens an e-mail client with a pre-populated recipient e-mail address.

The numberbox control

Lets the user enter a numeric (integer or floating point) value.

The popup control

Displays its child controls on a separate screen accessible through a link.

The radiogroup control

Lets the user select a value from a list of predefined, mutually exclusive options.

The removebutton control

Allows the user to remove a row from a table control. Only valid when declared inside a table's row template.

The row control

Only valid inside a table control, the row control can define the table's row template, or its header and footer.

The table control

Renders a two-dimensional representation of a recordset in your webform based on a row template.

The textbox control

Allows textual user input in the form.

The textview control

Displays non-editable text.

The timepicker control

Lets the user enter a time of day in hour, minute, and second units.

The validation trait

A container that allows specifying the form validation rules defined by its one or more validator element children.

The validator element

Only valid as a child of a validation trait, validator declares a validation rule to check user input in a form, and prevent form submission unless the validation check is successful.

The width field

Overrides the default width of a control and specifies how wide it will be displayed in the form.