The Mobilengine Platform

Mobilengine for enterprise-grade mobile solutions and backend

The Mobilengine Cloud infrastructure

Integration to external systems

Anatomy of a Mobilengine mobile solution

Mobilengine is a business-to-employee enterprise mobile workflow app development platform. Mobilengine SDK clients can seamlessly adapt their field workers' existing workflows to a mobile environment. The platform shoulders both server-side and client-side infrastructure needs for your custom mobile workflow apps. The SDK lets you leverage Mobilengine's cloud infrastructure, user management, and middleware out of the box.

As a bonus, you get to keep your Customer Source Code[1], that is, the solution your developers have created using the Mobilengine platform. After your paid Mobilengine license expires, you are free to download, modify, or resell the custom forms, business logic, and formatting that make up your mobile workflow app, as well as the reports that were generated using it.

The Mobilengine SDK allows app creation at a far higher level of abstraction than that offered by either native or HTML5 architectures. The code that you write in Mobilengine domain-specific languages (DSLs) compiles to native apps that will match or outperform the features and functionality of conventional native apps.

The SDK offers solid and scalable infrastructure from day one, leaving developers free to focus on implementing their core business processes. The foundation that developers can build their workflow management solutions on in detail:

  • An end-to-end platform: an iOS and an Android universal mobile app, a web application, and a backend.

  • Fully customizable user interface and data modelling, reference data, and workflow processing.

  • Offline workflows: each mobile device participating in the workflow has a partial snapshot of the model so that they can run the implemented workflows autonomously, even when offline.

  • Enterprise-grade data security including remote wipe, encrypted database, encrypted communication, and central user -management.

  • Seamless integration to third-party backend systems.

  • Support for continuous auditing and continuous monitoring, and integration to most third-party system monitoring frameworks.

  • Custom plugin support on mobile devices. Should your mobile workflow be dependent on a third-party app or hardware equipment, you can make the Mobilengine mobile app play along with them. Custom peripherals such as an external barcode scanner, scale, or portable printer, and apps such as a truck navigation can be hooked up to the Mobilengine client app.

The Mobilengine SDK is a collection of integrated domain-specific languages (DSLs) custom-built for various elements of workflow development. Each aspect of workflow functionality is handled using a DSL specifically tailored to the task. The SDK includes a command-line tool with compile-time type checking that compiles the strongly typed DSL-artifacts into solutions. The tool generates optimized code for Android and iOS, making your solution platform-agnostic.

The 'code once, run everywhere' principle will save you a lot of development time. The same code renders forms in the Mobilengine app running on Android or iOS devices, as well as in web browsers. The same workflow logic applies to the backend, both supported mobile environments, and the web browser.

[1] The Customer Source Code consists of software code developed exclusively using the Mobilengine SDK specifically for a client with a Paid Subscription License with Mobilengine. The Customer Source Code consists of Mobilengine Solution Artefact files with the following extensions: .fls.xml, .form.xml, .rfs, .refem, .dacsem, .intconf, .syl, .rpt, .repmet, and makes up the custom forms, dashboards, reports, business logic, formatting for a mobile workflow solution according to the specifications agreed on with the client company. Additionally, the Customer Source Code also includes binary deployment packages and compiled Mobilengine Solution files with the .dpkg and .mes extensions. As long as a client has a Paid Subscription License with Mobilengine, its users have access to Mobilengine platform and can run the code on the Mobilengine platform. Once the company's License on the Mobilengine platform expires, it has the right to take the Customer Source Code and resell or redesign it to work on third party platforms without a further license fee from Mobilengine. Client companies may request Mobilengine's professional service team to develop the Customer Source Code, or assign a third-party developer to build further Customer Source Code for their own use on the Mobilengine platform, using the Mobilengine SDK. Mobilengine offers its SDK, developer portal, developer documentation and additional online or in-person training for developers to learn how to develop Customer Source Code on the Mobilengine platform.