Language basics

The Mobilengine workflow script language allows the processing of the data submitted to the Mobilengine Cloud via a mobile- or webform, or delivered via an integration message. A workflow script can be set up to run each time a certain form or integration message arrives to the server.

You will most often access the incoming data with a script to create, populate, update, or delete rows in database tables, create, populate, and send outbound integration messages, or display a mobile form with dynamic parameters on a specific user's mobile client.

Mobilengine workflow scripts are not confined to the Mobilengine Cloud: the Mobilengine mobile client software is also capable of running scripts, so even if a mobile user temporarily loses connection with the server, local post-processing can take over and the workflow need not be interrupted.

The most common practical uses for workflow scripts in the Mobilengine workflow management ecosytem are detailed in the tutorials - this section of the developer documentation is a detailed reference guide to the language.