Workflow scripting 101

If this is your first Mobilengine tutorial, you can get up to speed with the solution artifacts from Part 1 and Part 2 of the mobile form development tut.

In this section, you'll learn the fundamentals of processing form submission data in the Mobilengine Cloud, to allow your users to modify reference data.

You can download all the artifacts created in this tutorial from this link.

The Mobilengine Cloud not only helps you manage and monitor your workflow solutions and related artifacts - if you publish workflow scripts along with your solution artifacts, you can program the Cloud to post-process form submission data. Workflow scripts have a JavaScript-like syntax, and you can use them to update, add, or delete data in reference tables any way you need.

This tutorial is an introduction to workflow scripting; it shows you how you can let your users update a reference table in the Mobilengine Cloud simply by submitting a form.

Rocky Jupiter now wants you to give their truck drivers a mobile form for each step in their daily delivery routine.

The forms themselves are no more than the user interface of the workflow - the heart of any workflow are the scripts that process the form submissions and that keep the workflow ticking along.

The scripts will shift the status of the delivery task that the driver is working on from Assigned through Confirmed, and Loaded all the way to Completed.

When all the details are in place, you'll make the workflow scripts run not only in the Cloud, but on the user's mobile device as well, for speed and the added comfort of offline availability.

This tutorial is for beginner scripters, designed to whet your appetite for mastery. It's a gateway to the really awesome stuff.