Data types

The bool data type

A value with bool data type can either be true or false.

The string data type

Values with the string type are sequences of Unicode characters.

The int data type

Values with the int data type are 32-bit signed integers.

The float data type

Values with the float type are 64-bit double-precision floating points.

The dtf data type

A set of datetime formatting rules for conversion between dtl and dtu values and their string type representations.

The dtl data type

dtl values represent dates in the company local timezone.

The dtu data type

dtu values represent dates in the UTC timezone.

The timespan data type

A timespan represents the temporal distance between two dtl or two dtu values.

The dtdb data type

dtdb values are date values used in database operations.

The nuf data type

Number formatting rules specify how numeric values should be converted to and from their string representations.

The guid data type

guid data type values are 16-byte globally unique identifiers.

The list data type

A dynamic array of values of any type with a zero-based index.

The map data type

Maps are collections of key-value pairs. Keys are identifiers, values can be of any type.

The reftable data type

A reftable object allows access to reference data.

The eventtab type

An eventtab object allows access to a synchronization event table on the server.

The event type

An event object represents the synchronization event that triggered the workflow script.

The form data type

Instances of the form data type represent a mobile form that can be displayed on the mobile device of a specific user, triggered from a workflow script - see the forms variable for details.

The submission type

A read-only map object that represents the data and the structure of the form that triggered the workflow script.

The dacsin type

A dacsin type object represents the integration message that triggered the workflow script.

The dacstype type

A dacstype type object represents an integration message schema referenced by the script in a using dacs directive.

The dacsout type

A dacsout type object represents an XML integration package whose structure conforms to that of one of the dacstype schemas that the workflow script references.