Your first mobile form, part 2

If you picked up here without going through the first part, you can get up to speed by downloading the solution artifacts up to this point.

What you'll be learning:

  1. how to link mobile form controls to database tables (reference data) so that the content of the form will change whenever the data changes (sections 2 and 3 in the screenshot below)

  2. how to allow users of the Backoffice website to modify the reference data

  3. how to keep track of and summarize user input on the form (section 5 in the screenshot below)

  4. how to include and manage some new types of controls in your form: datepicker, signature, and barcode scanning (section 6 in the screenshot below)

A lot of what we'll cover in the following sections uses an extended version of the the SQLite SQL language. No prior SQLite knowledge is assumed, but if you do get stuck at any point, an SQLite tutorial might come in handy.

Are you ready?