Integrate for keeps

What you'll be learning:

  • How to make a workflow script update a reference table with integration message data

Integration messages, when they arrive to the Mobilengine Cloud, can trigger dedicated workflow scripts just like form submissions. The most useful and often-used function of Mobilengine Cloud workflow scripts is processing incoming data to update reference tables with. The newPO dacs that you've hard-coded and sent yourself through the web service client ultimately represents a record in the assignments, so why don't you add its contents to assignments when it comes in? That would be really spectacular, and a nice demonstration of your integrating skills, because you have a workflow solution associated with changes to the assignments reference table.

Rocky Jupiter drivers are notified about any change to the reference table that has their name on it to drivers in the Driver Task List dashboard form, so the data in the incoming message would instantly get downloaded to one or more mobile devices, and populate a nicely formatted form.

Leverage your previous development work and awe your clients.