Publish your workflow solution

What you'll be learning:

  • How to use the mebt to upload solution artifacts to the production cloud.

  • How to set up and compile a solution package (mes).

What you'll be telling the system engineer at the client company:

  • How to set up new users of various authorization levels on the production cloud.

  • How to package and deploy a solution to the production cloud.

  • How to deploy forms to one or more specific user's mobile device.

You have successfully completed three forms for Rocky Jupiter: Vehicle Inspection and Driver Task List for the truck drivers, and Search the Contacts Database for all the users of the company's Mobilengine mobile client app. The forms, reference table declarations, and workflow scripts are all in place; you even have some sample reference data to test data binding, and the forms simply work.

In its present location, however, only you, its creator (and the users that you manually set up and associate with the forms) can access the workflow solution.

You need to publish your solution to unleash it on the unsuspecting world.

Sure, you've been publishing your forms to the cloud to try them out: that cloud was the the Mobilengine Developer Cloud, a sandbox for in-progress and trial solutions. This version of the Mobilengine Cloud is all that a solution developer needs.

You'll also need to know about the Mobilengine Production Cloud, though, because your clients will want to have a heavy-duty scalable environment for the solution that you create for them. They will also want to manage user accounts and reference data in that environment, and will look to you to tell them how to do that.

This tutorial gives you everything that you and your client's system engineer, who deploys your solution, need to know.

The samples in this tutorial will use the Production Cloud URL. This is a made-up demonstration URL: you will need to ask Mobilengine for a separate Production Cloud URL to host the published solutions of each of your actual client companies.