Complex mobile workflows

A download link to all the solution artifacts created in the dashboard tut.

Picking up where you left off with dashboard forms, now you'll be setting up a daily routine for the Rocky Jupiter Transport Company drivers. The trucking company requires the drivers to go through the following workflow:

  1. Check their dashboard forms for tasks assigned to them

  2. Confirm one of the assigned tasks and drive to the load address

  3. At the load address, load the cargo on the truck

  4. Drive to the delivery address and unload the cargo

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until their shift is over

Rocky Jupiter wants you, their newfound mobile workflow developer, to set up the framework for this workflow based on the status of delivery tasks in the database. When a driver completes any step of a task, the status of the particular task must change, and the reference table with the delivery tasks should reflect the current status of the tasks.

Assigned status tasks must shift into Confirmed status when the driver confirms them, then into Loaded when the driver reports that the cargo has been loaded, or Cancelled if the delivery is cancelled for some reason. Finally, when the driver reports that he or she has delivered the goods, the task status must change to Completed.

You'll have to create the forms for the drivers to report the steps of the workflow, and the workflow scripts that process the workflow form submissions, and change the tasks' statuses in the reference table.

When you're done, you'll move the workflow scripts from the cloud to the drivers' devices, and then integrate the complete workflow into the dashboard form that you set up in the previous tutorial.

Here's a brief overview of what new skills and techniques you'll be picking up in this section:

  • How to customize the text of the submitting button, and put a discarding button on the form

  • How to make your workflow scripts detect which button the user used to submit the form

  • How to run server-side scripts on your users' devices

  • How to integrate the workflow forms and their associated scripts into the dashboard form

This is going to be fun.

Here's a link to all the solution artifacts that you'll create in this section, neatly packaged for your convenience.