Update a published solution

What you'll be learning:

  • What the system engineer needs to do when the reference table declarations for a published solution change

When you and Mira Jansen, the Rocky Jupiter system engineer published the workflow solution to the Production Cloud, the workflow solution with the vehicle inspection form, the driver task list, and the contacts list stopped being your responsibility.

The solution has been humming along nicely, using Rocky Jupiter's real delivery task data, real truck driver data, and real contacts data. Since then, you have created two webforms to supplement the solution, and prettified all three of the mobile forms in it.

If this is the first Mobilengine tutorial you read, or you don't feel like going back and downloading the solution artifacts chapter by chapter, here's the story so far in a handy package.

Now that you're done with all that, you want to make the new version of the solution replace the original one. No big deal: You'll simply compile the new solution into a .mes file as before, hand it over to Mira Jansen, and be done with it, right?

Normally yes, updating a workflow solution is just re-publishing the new deployment package. In fact, if the update to the solution did not affect the structure of the reference tables (that is, the number, order, data type, or name of the columns all stayed the same), the system engineer does not even need to throw in any reference data with the .mes at all when she uses the mebt package command.

This time, however, you have modified the reference declaration for the assignments reference table, and a straight re-publishing will break the solution. You need to prep the system engineer for this special case.