Package, publish & deploy

What you'll be learning:

  • What the client needs to know about deploying the workflow solution

Let's assume that Mira Jansen is the name of the fictitious employee who's responsible for deploying and managing your mobile workflow solution for other fictitious employees of our test company, Rocky Jupiter Transport.

You have given her the URL to the Rocky Jupiter Production Cloud that you requested for your client from Mobilengine. Mira has signed up for a developer account, and so has access to the Rocky Jupiter Backoffice website, where she can manage the workflow solution that you created for Rocky Jupiter.

When her account's set up on the Backoffice site, she is ready to recieve the compiled solution. To turn the compiled solution into a functional workflow solution, she needs to

  1. set up user accounts for the people who will use the forms in the solution

  2. add live reference data to the solution

  3. publish the solution and deploy the forms to the relevant users

This section describes how to make the forms that you have created actually arrive on the mobile devices of their intended users, and start making their lives easier.

The samples in this tutorial will use the Production Cloud URL. This is a made-up demonstration URL: you will need to ask Mobilengine for a separate Production Cloud URL to host the published solutions of each of your actual client companies.