Prepare and compile

What you'll be learning:

  • How to group forms together for convenient solution deployment.

  • How to compile solution artifacts for workflow solution handoff.

When you're quite sure you won't be tweaking any of the forms, reference table declarations, or workflow scripts any more, you can declare the workflow solution completed. To make the job of whoever is going to send the solution live easier, it's a good idea to group the forms that will be sent to the same mobile users. This makes deploying the forms a breeze, but more on that later.

Then, take the solution folder you've been saving your Mobilengine workflow solution artifacts in (pro tip: it's c:\RockyJupiter), and compile it using the mebt. Compiling also zips the whole folder up in a tidy compressed file. The compiled solution is what you deliver to the Rocky Jupiter people. They'll be very glad to have it.