Format and style mobile forms

This tutorial is as good a place to start the Mobilengine tutorials as any. However, you'll need the solution artifacts that were created in earlier tutorials for the code in this section to work. You'll find links to the necessary artifacts when you come to them.

What you'll be learning:

  • How to inject company branding into your Mobilengine workflow solutions

  • How to specify font size, decoration, and color, as well as background color, text alignment, and padding for display elements

  • How to set up alternating row styles for table controls

  • How to set up user input-dependent formatting

  • How to make the formatting support the business logic of forms

The workflow solution that you've created for the Rocky Jupiter people is complete. Before you publish the finished product, though, you'll add the company branding to the administration interface, and style the mobile forms in the solution to match the company color scheme. You'll make the forms both pleasing to look at and easier to use.