Your development environment

What you'll be learning:

  • How to install the Mobilengine mobile app on your Android device or emulator

  • How to install the mebt command line tool

  • How to integrate the mebt into your text editor and speed up artifact creation

The Mobilengine mobile app is the primary user interface of the workflow solutions that you build. Installing it for yourself is the easiest way to test the functionality of your mobile forms.

The Mobilengine Build Tool (mebt) is the single most important part of the Mobilengine SDK: without it, your solution artifacts you create would never add up to an actual workflow solution that runs on mobile devices. The mebt is a command line tool that you use to compile your solution artifacts, package reference data to them, and publish them to the Mobilengine Cloud as complete workflow solutions. Through the Mobilengine Cloud, your users' Mobilengine mobile apps can access the workflow solutions that you assign to them.