Outbound integration messages

What you'll be learning about:

  • How to modify a workflow script to make it assemble and send integration messages

You've already put together a working integration solution, so you don't really need further instruction in creating integration message schema. However, in an outbound integration solution, the kind you're setting up now, you don't just need to process the incoming dacses - your end of the solution will have to create and send the integration messages.

Integration is an automated process, so you don't actually write any dacs-es by hand: you configure a workflow script to put them together based on their dacsem, and then to send them on their way across the wire. Workflow scripts can do this because the dacsem schema not only provides the abstract description for each integration message, but also defines how its XML structure is mapped to the workflow script syntax. Whenever a mobile form or webform is submitted to the Cloud with the type of data update that you want to send along, the associated workflow script will be triggered, and get busy.

The second step, then, after writing a dacsem file is to set up a dedicated workflow script, or modify an existing one to produce the integration messages.